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Tank 'N spank

Sometimes, when a developer makes SO many games under their banner that we love, we have to make a podcast specifically for them. So, it should be no surprise to gamers that Blizzard Entertainment fits that description perfectly! Tank 'n Spank is the podcast devoted specifically to Blizzard and the games they create.

Each week, Will and Cameron (and sometimes other friends), sit around the table and discuss the latest events in the Blizzard Universe. Patch notes, latest announcements and more await those who are "prepared" to tune in and see what the crew think of the company's latest actions to keep making their already addictive games even better! If you are a fan of World of Warcraft, Overwatch, Starcraft, Diablo, or any of the titles from the House of Blizzard, then this podcast is right up your alley, so "stay awhile and listen"!

New episodes release every Thursday!
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