00 - Alita: Battle Angel, Geeky Movies for 2019, and Dragonball Super: Broly

Hello everyone! We are super excited for you all to FINALLY check out our newest podcast, Southern Geek! If you haven't heard, Southern Geek will be were we talk about our thoughts and opinions on the latest in geek culture, including movies, TV, anime, tech, pop culture, and more! In Episode 00, we sit down and talk about our thoughts on Alita: Battle Angel, what we thought about Dragonball Super: Broly, and also discussed what geeky movies were are excited for in 2019! Also, as this is set as 00, we are still seeing what works and what doesnt with the show, so please feel free to give some feedback and let us know what you guys think so far! We have more plans for Southern Geek in the future, so enjoy, and as always, thank you for your continued support!