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The Rocket Punch Cast

As a gaming network in the Southeast US, we first had to find a place to start; content that would be a focal point to show everyone what we are all about about. So, we figured, why not talk about games into microphones? With The Rocket Punch Cast, there is one motto that we have followed since the beginning: Grab a group of friends to talk about games into microphones. 

Each week, Cameron and Will (and sometimes other friends) sit around the recording table and chat about the different games that they play each week, and deep dive into relevant topics in the gaming landscape. They share their perspectives on events happening throughout the industry, and layer it all with a hearty helping of shenanigans. From video games, board games, and more, nothing is off-limits to discuss, as long as it revolves around gaming. 

Streaming Live every Sunday around 8PM CST
Audio live on podcast feeds every Tuesday!

Video available on YouTube every Wednesday!



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