Creator Spotlight #18 - Kat Dell & 1UpOnCancer


One aspect of becoming content creators, especially within the last few years, has been the numerous opportunities we have discovered for charitable efforts one can help support. Yes, we do participate in Extra Life every year, but as we have continued to make podcasts and videos for the community, we have also found MANY more noble endeavors from others working to assist people in need with the power of gaming, community, and more, and it has been one of our big pushes to help in any way we can with these efforts. But one of the many perceptions we had, as we also saw with others on the internet, with supporting charities was that we thought we had to be big creators ourselves to truly make an impact, and after learning more about all of the many institutes available to assist, their processes, and especially after this Creator Spotlight, we have realized that anyone big or small, can work with these companies to help support their causes, so that is exactly what we did!

in this episode of Creator Spotlight, we at Rocket Punch were very lucky to chat with Katherine Waddell, also known as Kat Dell, the Promotions Manager for 1UpOnCancer, a gaming community-based non-profit organization dedicated to direct financial assistance for adults in the United States undergoing cancer treatment. In the interview, we talk with Kat about 1UpOnCancer, discussing how the group works to help support people all across the US, and dig deeper into her motivations for becoming a volunteer and supporting their endeavors, as well as chatting about why groups like 1UpOnCancer and other charitable organizations are so important and vital for people across the world to pay attention to and support in any way they can, and how anyone, even listeners like yourselves, can do their part to help. Plus, as an avid Twitch streamer, we discuss the content that Kat makes in her spare, and talk about some of the challenges she has come across in the streaming space, and how streaming and her personal experiences helped her discover 1UpOnCancer and motivate her to support the cause. If you have ever been interested in discovering how you can help support a great and worthy cause, then be sure to listen to this episode and find out what you can do to make a monumental impact for those people in need!



Promotions Manager: Katherine Waddell


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Katherine Waddell

Katherine Waddell