Creator Spotlight #17 - Gaming Careers

In 2018, content creation has seen an incredible boon, with sites like YouTube and Twitch becoming more prolific for everyone to access entertainment with the swipe of a finger, and technology becoming easier for creatives to use and reach more people across the globe faster than ever before. It should come as no surprise to us then, that with this expansion into content creation, people far and wide work harder than ever to use this to turn their passion into a lifelong career. But, the reality is that an extremely small number of those creatives actually obtain that ultimate goal. Regardless, thousands of people continue to create, sometimes tirelessly, to talk passionately about their prospects, entertain numerous individuals across the internet, and learn whatever they can to reach their goals. While only a few creators get the chance to utilize their work as a career, we here at Rocket Punch were lucky enough to sit and chat with someone getting that chance of a lifetime.

In this edition of Creator Spotlight, we get the opportunity to converse with Pete, the creator of Gaming Careers, a Youtube channel looking to help prospective content creators “Grow Your Gaming Passion Into Your Profession” through tutorial videos on how to make your Twitch, Youtube, and other content the best that it can be. In this interview, we learn more about how Pete came up with the idea and why he started Gaming Careers, how his expectations were blown away on the response to his content, and how his thriving community has given him the chance to be able to work on his channel full-time, a dream that many content creators, including us here at Rocket Punch, work towards everyday. Also, we discuss his reactions to creating such a vibrant community of engaged followers, some of the successes, stumbles, and lessons learned he has taken away from building Gaming Careers, the challenges he went through making the decision of working on Gaming Careers full-time, his goals for the channel and his content for the future, and much, much more. This episode hits a little close to home here at Rocket Punch, so if you are an aspiring content creator, this is one discussion you don’t want to miss!

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