Creator Spotlight #16 - Atom Bug w/ Michael Mauro


Everyone enjoys art, in some form or fashion. One of the greatest things about art, and artists in return, is that there is so much variety, talent, and uniqueness in it, that you can never see the same piece twice. A great example of where we see that is in comics, which have such talented artists working to draw and make vibrant and visual stories, that we at Rocket Punch just can’t help ourselves when we run into a new artist and comics that we have yet to see. We have interviewed many artists on Creator Spotlight, and one of those reasons is that each one brings their unique take onto their work, and the comic Atom Bug, from creator Michael Mauro, is no exception to this rule!

This episode, we sit down with Michael Mauro, the creator of the digital web comic Atom Bug, and a local artist to Huntsville, AL, to talk about his work and everything he has put into it, and in turn, learned from his experiences so far. In this interview, we learn more about where Michael came up with the idea for Atom Bug, the work that he placed into creating the lore and appearance for the comic, and why his action-packed hero stands out among the other comic creators out there. Plus, we also get the chance to talk with Michael about some of the tools and processes that he utilizes to get the characters from his imagination to the digital page, some of the hurdles he has run into during this journey, and where he plans and hopes to talk Atom Bug in the future. Sit back and relax to learn more about Michael and Atom Bug in this latest episode of Creator Spotlight!