Creator Spotlight #15 - PLATFORMS


Cafes are usually a norm around the United States and the world nowadays. We always imagine them as hotspots for social activity, where one can go in with their laptop computer, grab a fresh cappuccino, and relax while working or talking with others around the cafe. But what does a "Gamers' Cafe" look like? That's what the Rocket Punch crew went to find out in this edition of Creator Spotlight!

This episode, we head up to Nashville, TN, to talk to Luke Sykes and Aidan Jones, the two entrepreneurs running the Gamers' Cafe called PLATFORMS. Luke and Aidan are starting this business to help grow the gaming community in Nashville, and created the space to allow people of all types to come in, enjoy and experience all forms of games, socialize, and have fun! With everything from cutting edge VR setups, state-of-the-art top end gaming rigs, large 4K TVs, the latest gaming consoles, and more littered throughout the space, there was NO way we at Rocket Punch could pass up a chance to visit PLATFORMS and talk to Luke and Aidan about their budding business. In this interview, we sit down with both Luke and Aidan and chat about how they came up with the idea for this cafe, their push for making VR a large part of the business, their goals to make PLATFORMS a social hub for gamers, and more, including some of the lessons learned from being first-time business owners and starting this endeavor and what they hope to achieve in the long term. Ever thought about what it takes to start a business that could be considered a "Gamers' Haven"? Then, make sure you do not miss this episode!



President: Luke Sykes
General Manager: Aidan Jones







Luke Sykes - President

Luke Sykes - President

Aidan Jones - General Manager

Aidan Jones - General Manager

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