Creator Spotlight #14 - FLOAT


Welcome back to Creator Spotlight, where we sit down with creatives within the geek and gaming spaces and talk about what they how, how they do it, and tips for others to motivate others to do their own creative projects! It's has been a little while, but we here at Rocket Punch decided to make a few changes to the format of Creator Spotlight, the first of which is that episodes going forward will be integrated into the Rocket Punch Cast feed, so that more listeners can enjoy all the awesome interviews that we do! We have also expanded the interview format, which allows us to talk about more and dig deeper with the creatives we talk to, in order to provide you a better experience when we feature them. As always, keep sending us feedback to let us know how we are doing!

The great thing about art is that it is extremely expressive; there are so many varieties and differences out there in the world that you'll never see the same piece twice. Plus, you can also look at art and see the motivations, experiences, and influences the artist applied to their work, which deepens their pieces. So, when we came across the work from Peter Lucker (pronounced "l-oo-ker"), aka FLOAT, in Lowe Mill Arts & Entertainment Building in Huntsville, AL, we just couldn't pass on the chance to have him in to the studio to talk to us on the podcast! FLOAT, formerly out of Atlanta, GA, now lives and works in Huntsville, AL, making some incredible pieces at Lowe Mill and commissions for other customers. Having a hard time sitting still, he is always trying out new ways to create, and being self taught, he is always exploring new techniques and expanding his skill set into new avenues. Specializing in stenciling, FLOAT has learned to blend that in conjunction with free hand painting to create his finished pieces for people enthralled by his artwork.  Using cartoons, comics, Sci-fiction, fantasy, graffiti and street art as inspiration, FLOAT has been bringing his own spin to canvas painting, custom collectables, murals, furniture refurbishing, sticker/t-shirt design, logo design, and more. Join us as we chat with FLOAT about how he got his start in the artistic world, where he came up with his specific stylistic art, as well as discussing his experiences creating art within a large tech and engineering-minded city such as Huntsville, some successes and struggles he has had as an artist, the hurdles that come with creating your own small business, and more!

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Creator: Peter Lucker








Check out more of FLOAT's work over on his Facebook page!

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