57 - Xbox Game Pass, Nintendo Switch: One Week Later, and Credible Threat Gaming

After the fallout from some of the biggest games of March, the Rocket Punch crew decided to chat about some topics that may have flown under the radar. With Microsoft announcing their new Xbox Game Pass, the crew asks if this will become a boon for them, especially with Project Scorpio on the horizon, or will gamers really care about the service. Plus, now that the Nintendo Switch has been out in the wild for over a week, the crew talks about their impressions of the new hardware and whether it has the legs it needs to succeed. More Horizon: Zero Dawn talk from Cameron, Chaz tells the crew about Zelda on the Wii U, and we invite special guest Chris Scott from Credible Threat Gaming onto the show to talk shop!


 Will  |  Cameron  | Chaz


Chris Scott - Credible Threat Gaming on Youtube


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