33 - No Man's Sky and the Dangers of the Hype Train, PS Neo Rumors, and Final Fantasy XV delay

We got our tickets for the hype train, but was it the best purchase to make? This week, the Rocket Punch crew takes a look at No Man's Sky and figures out if hype surrounding it truly helped the game in the long run. Was it overhyped? Are the issues the game is running into expected? More importantly, how is the game being received by the crew so far? Plus, the Warcraft talk in the group is approaching maximum capacity, Seth gets a chance to purchase a cult classic movie soon, and the crew reflects on the loss of an actor from one of our favorite film series. All this, plus Final Fantasy and PlayStation Neo talk, in this week's episode, so listen in and check it out! 

Send us your questions/discussion topics at rocketpunchnetwork@gmail.com, and we'll discuss them on the show!

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