150 - Gears 5 Impressions, Astral Chain Impressions, & Nintendo Direct

This week on the Rocket Punch Cast, the crew discuss the latest first party release from Microsoft for the Xbox, and talk about whether it stands on its own as a strong Xbox exclusive! Will and Cameron gives their initial impressions on Gears 5, and decided on whether it is a step in the right direction for Microsoft. All this, plus Cameron gives his impressions on Astral Chain, updates from the latest Nintendo Direct, and more!

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Destiny 2 Updates: https://twitter.com/DestinyTheGame/status/1169331957647302656
Multiplayer for Cyberpunk 2077: https://www.ign.com/articles/2019/09/04/cyberpunk-2077-multiplayer-is-now-confirmed-to-be-in-development
Changes to NES/SNES games; https://www.vooks.net/new-nes-and-snes-online-games-will-no-longer-be-released-monthly/
Nintendo Direct News: https://kotaku.com/everything-announced-during-todays-nintendo-direct-1837883599

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