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First and foremost, WELCOME to the Rocket Punch Patreon page! We are appreciative that you have come to find out more about Rocket Punch and consider supporting our endeavors.

Ok, so what IS Patreon?:
In case you are unfamiliar with the concept, Patreon is a way for fans of any topic to come and support specific creators, and help them achieve their goals, while also nabbing some awesome rewards and exclusive content in the process! It also provides a direct feed between fans and creators on all of the work and effort that people put into their various projects. You can visit our official Patreon page here.

But why does Rocket Punch have a Patreon?
Well, the content we create does not contain any ads, and while we do what we can to help support this project, opening a Patreon page allows fans who support our efforts to help keep the project running smoothly, allowing us more creative freedom, but it also allows fans to see our processes and get some sweet look from us in the process. There are a lot of costs that go into continuing to make this content, and we could not be more appreciative to our patrons that help us every month!

But what if I can't help support Rocket Punch on Patreon?
Don't worry! You viewing and interacting with our content is the best support anyone can ever give to us! We don't want people to feel as though they have to support us on Patreon, but if you do feel like doing so, we have this avenue created to allow you to (plus you get a ton of exclusive stuff too for helping us!). Whether you are able to support us or not, we still want to say thank you for visiting our page, and hope that, at the least, you allow us to continue to make awesome geek and gaming content for you to consume.

Ok, it doesn't sound too bad. But what if I can't contribute after a while?
That's OK! If you can't donate during a specific time frame, then that is totally cool with us! We will still be making content for you to access every day, and if you decide you want to/can  come back and help in the future, then we will be right here to help get you back!

Click Here to Support us on Patreon!

Click Here to Support us on Patreon!

Alright! I want to help! But what's in it for me?
Glad you ask! Due to the flexibility of Patreon, you can donate as much as you want! But, depending on you donation, you can also nab some pretty SWEET rewards that we provide to everyone supporting us! Take a look at some of the details below:

Patreon Silver Tier.jpg

Support us at $1 or more:

  • Rocket Punch Wallpaper Pack: Enjoy custom high resolution of our content created by the Rocket Punch crew!

  • Exclusive Patreon Channels in Discord: Our Discord server is always free to everyone, but if gaming channels get full and you need one for your team, patrons are able to access exclusive text and voice channels on the server.

  • Bonus Event Content: We love to entertain people at conventions and other events, and any content we create from panels and workshops will be available via VOD for patrons who may have missed it!

  • Behind-the-Scenes Tidbits: Wanna see what goes on behind the scenes? We'll show off spacial looks at our content and how we do the things that we do, only to patrons!

  • Our Thanks!: Of course, just by supporting us, you will always have our thanks and gratitude to help us keeping making stuff for you!

Support us at $3 or more:

  • Exclusive BONUS Podcast Episodes: Each month, we will deliver exclusive bonus episodes of The Rocket Punch Cast and Tank 'n Spank, that will only be on Patreon and not available anywhere else!

Patreon Gold Tier.jpg
Patreon Platinum Tier.jpg

Support us at $5 or more:

  • Swag Bag: We will send you a Swag Bag full of awesome Rocket Punch-themed items and prizes! These can include stickers, pins, and more!

Support us at $10 or more:

  • Contributor: Be featured on our site and in our content /credits as a Contributor to Rocket Punch, helping us to continue this awesome work that we do for you!

  • Content Promotions: Are you a content creator too? Do you have a business, or make something that you want to share with the world? Let us help you! At this tier, we will promote you work in our content!

Patreon Diamond Tier.jpg

Ok, Great! But what if I have other questions?
Then, don't hesitate to reach out to us! You can message us on Twitter or Facebook, or use our Contact page on this site to email us directly and get the answers you have about Patreon, or other endeavors that we do!