No Man's Sky has a release date

In a post on the Playstation Blog, Sean Murray, Managing Direct of Hello Games, announced that the game will be launching on June 21, 2016. In the post, he also talks about how himself and his team have been hard at work getting the game ready for primetime, since last we heard from them back at E3 2015.

In addition to the release date, Sean also talks about some of the new features and a few outlets have gotten the chance to try out within the game, including surviving on planets with harsh and hazardous conditions, and even communicating with various aliens throughout the different planets in the game. Sean also announced that the game will be getting a physical release at retailers, with even a Collector's Edition available for PC players via the iam8bit store, who Hello Game partnered with to bring the Collector's Edition to life. Sean end by stating his team is working hard to get the game completed, and looking forward to helping support the game post-launch with free content if they are able to.

Image: Hello Games

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