Microsoft discusses plans for cross-platform play

On Pi(e) day (3/14), most of us are just enjoying eating some great, different pies, and wracking our brains with some mathematical nonsense,but this year, Microsoft had some other stuff that was a little more interesting to talk about.

Image: PCMag

The director of ID@Xbox, Chris Charla, posted a letter on Microsoft’s website. In this letter he covers several topics, including a section on Cross-Network Play. He speaks about making the Xbox Live service compatible with other console and PC gaming networks, which would allow Xbox, Playstation, and PC gamers to interact with each other in multiplatform games, although it would still on the game developer to implement this feature. The first game to take advantage of this will be Rocket League, making the Xbox and PC versions able to play against or with each other. It would be great to one day be able to play a game like Tom Clancy’s The Division with my friends who have it on the Xbox,while I am on my PlayStation.  Let’s hope this is the start of a new world for gamers, and gaming in general.

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