New cinematic and PS Plus beta announced for Hitman

If you missed your chance to jump into the Hitman beta on Playstation 4, then some new opportunities just opened up... with just one small caveat.

On the official Hitman website, IO Interactive has released a new Legacy Cinematic trailer from their  upcoming release of Hitman, which helps to bridge the gap between the end of the Prologue missions that were playable in the beta earlier this month, and the first level at the Sanguine Fashion Show in Paris.

Speaking of that beta, if you did miss your chance to play the beta on Playstation 4 earlier this month, IO Interactive has also announced that they will be reopening the PS4 beta on March 4th, with the only barrier of entry being that it is exclusive for PS+ members. This means that you only need to have an active Playstation Plus membership to play the beta, and you do not have to preorder the game like the prior beta.

Image: Square Enix

IO Interactive end by detailing how the "live component" features of Hitman will work during the downtime between monthly episodes of the game. To get more info on how that will work in the game, head to their post here. Hitman is expected to release on March 11th.

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