Rocket Punch's 2015 Game of the Year Picks


Welcome to Rocket Punch's 2015 Game of the Year awards! We've listed each of our award categories below. Each member of the Rocket Punch crew nominated games that they thought should win, and then we came together to hash out who wins each category. Every category has one winner, and two runners up. These runners up were not decided in any order, and they are all worthy of their position.

You can listen to our deliberations on the Rocket Punch Cast podcast feed. However, we understand that many Rocket Punch fans may not want to sit through the hours of podcasts it took to reach our decisions. If you really love informed and entertaining discussions about video games, we encourage you to listen to some of the podcasts. If you would simply like to know the winners, keep scrolling.

Let the games begin!

Best Character

Characters are one of the most important elements of any game's story. A good character sticks in one's mind months after the game is completed.

Best Story

Story is the fuel that drives us through the game. The story sets up the world around us, and it gives us a reason to explore the world.

Unexpected Gem

Every now and then a game comes along that blows us off our feet. We don't expect this game to dominate our free time, but somehow delivers in the best possible way.

Biggest Fail

The brighter the light, the darker the shadow. Every success could have been a failure. These moments are the dark underbelly of the gaming industry.

Best Developer

Gaming could not exist if not for the amazing people who make them. Each and every developer is an essential part of the industry, and these developers stood above the rest.

Best Weapon or Item

The tools of destruction or an item that really makes a game. These weapons or items not only served their purpose in the game, but they also left a lasting impression in our minds.

Best Moment

These are the moments that define a year in gaming. Events from a game that stand out above the rest as a truly amazing moment in gaming.

Best Music

These games have a soundtrack that rocks our world. These games truly sound as good as they look.

Game of the Year

This is it. The best of the best. The true cream of the crop. These games consumed our time and left a lasting impact all year long.