Latest DOOM trailer shows off multiplayer

We have all seen the trailer for the Bethesda reboot of DOOM, but we really haven't seen much of the multiplayer aspect of the game. Until now.

The latest trailer from Bethesda showcases some of the crazy combat you should expect from the multiplayer mode in DOOM. The gameplay looks as fast and frenetic as ever, plus the ability to grab demon runes and transform in demons to wreck even more carnage on the battlefield will surely grab some players' attention. Bethesda has also announced that a closed beta for the game will be held on March 31st - April 3rd, and will include those players who did purchase Wolfenstein in order to jump into the beta. DOOM will release on May 13th, and players who do preorder on Xbox One will get the original DOOM and DOOM 2 at no charge.

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