The Division showcases their post-launch content plans

With the imminent launch of The Division closing in on March 8th, Ubisoft has decided to talk about some of the post-launch content we should expect in the first year in a bit more detail. Along with the trailer above, Ubisoft posted on their blog about some details for the paid expansion and some free content updates coming to people who pickup the game.

In addition to daily and weekly missions, Ubisoft has announced that 2 free updates after launch will help expand the game. In April,  the Incursions update will and "add an endgame activity designed for squad play, challenging teams of four players to face nigh-unstoppable enemies for high-level loot". Loot trading will also be added, allowing players in the same squad to trade gear they have acquired during a co-op gaming session. The Conflict update will release in May, adding Dark Zone features and allow for "an incursion into New York’s Columbus Circle".

Image: Ubisoft

The three paid expansions (for players who grab the season pass or get the Gold/Collector's Editions of the game, will release starting with the Underground expansion in June. The first expansion will send players to hunt enemies within the tunnels and subway under Manhattan. The second expansion, Survival, will release later in the summer, offering what sounds like a Horde mode-type gameplay, with users scavenging for supplies and equipment to assist them against a very hostile environment. Finally, the third expansion pack, The Last Stand, will release in the winter, and introduce a "new, relentless threat" to players. 


Image: Ubisoft

Also to note is that players who do pickup the season pass for the game, currently $39.99, will also receive VIP and exclusive gear, missions, and events throughout the first year of post-launch content. this may prove to be an extra incentive for players to pick this up, providing the VIP content offered is worth the price of admission. 

Are you excited to pickup the division at launch? Have you already grabbed the season pass to get all this content? Let us know in the comments, and keep following Rocket Punch for all the gaming news you love!