Caution: Mini Bovine, Yetis and more coming to Diablo III

Blizzard has recently opened and released the patch notes for Patch 2.4.1 for Diablo III to public test realms. Information found so far by players have been multiple transmogrification items, wings and some AMAZING pets, including a mini bovine and yeti that can follow you around everywhere as you crush hordes of monsters. 


More items are being discovered as more players dig through the patch, but as for now, there is no official list of what items will be available when the patch launches. However, they do have an extended list of what patch 2.4.1 will be bringing to the table. Some of the most notable features are:


  • Bug fixes to Adventure Mode
  • Many changes to the Armor Sets on All Classes
  • The ability to salvage Legendary potions into Forgotten Souls
  • Some Legendary Gems and Items are getting boosts and changes
  • Fixes Massacre bonus glitch not calculating correctly
  • Changes to some Set Dungeons

To get all of the patch notes from Blizzard, follow the link here, and stay tuned to Rocket Punch to get all the latest gaming news and awesome content!