Bob Ross and his soothing tones are here to calm your nerves in XCOM 2

In a post on PC Gamer, and thanks to modder tdc733 , you can now add the Bob Ross voice pack mod to your playthroughs of XCOM 2. Bob come off as a soothing, calm reassurance during your battles with the alien menace, helping to reassure you of your tactics during battle. From his approval when you land a headshot, to his comments when you down an enemy, his voice makes it known that he is always there providing support. But also remember, some of his comments, like when "the paint salesman's in town", still let's it be known that he is ready to rock when he needs to. Check out the video above for a great showing of some of Bob's best catch phrases, and check out the Youtube page to see other voice packs, including Arnold Schwarzeneggar and Darth Vader!

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