Open beta announced for Battleborn

If you have been on the fence about Battleborn, the upcoming hero shooter from Gearbox Software, then you will soon have a chance to play it and see for yourself if it is worth your time.

Image: Gearbox

On the official Battleborn blog, Gearbox has announced that an open beta for Battleborn will run from April 8th - April 18th on PlayStation 4, and from April 13th - April 18th on Xbox One and PC. Players will be able to preload the beta on April 6th, with the respective sizes of the beta will be 8.5GB on PlayStation 4, 11GB on Xbox One, and 12GB on PC. While PS Plus will not be required to play in the open beta, for Xbox One players, only Xbox Live Gold members will have access to all content available in the beta, while Xbox Live Silver members will be able to play private Story Mode episodes and private Competitive Modes, but will not have access to public matchmaking features.

Also in the post, all of the content that will be accessible during the open beta is listed for all players to see, including details on the Story and Competitive Modes, playable characters for the beta, and the Progression systems. PlayStation 4 players who do join in the beta will also get special access to the character Toby during the open beta, as well as receive the first Battleborn DLC Pack 1 and instant access to Alani upon release of the game. For more details on this, check out the blog post for all the information.

Image: Gearbox

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