Gnome Hunters next up to be playable in World of Warcraft

Gnome Hunters.

That’s right, guys and gals. Blizzard is finally giving those little tykes access to the hunter class.

Announced via the blog on, gnomes will be another race able to utilize the hunter class, once World of Warcraft: Legion, the next expansion for Blizzard’s epic MMORPG. releases. Included with this, as if you needed another reason to roll a gnome hunter, Blizzard has also announced that along with the new combination, hunters will also be able to control and use mechanical pets at their side. Gnomes and Goblins that play as hunters will be able to access this new pet from the start, but other hunters will be able to learn how to get those pets later on during their progression. Blizzard has come out and stated the starting minion for the gnomish hunters will be the mechanical rabbit.

What other crazy class/race combos can Blizzard come up with for World of Warcraft? What other new features are coming to Legion? Stay tuned to Rocket Punch to find out.