Say goodbye to ads on Rocket Punch

Hello Rocket Punch friends!

We've had a fantastic year and a half with Rocket Punch. We have grown to over one thousand podcast subscribers, and receives hundreds of pages views a month! We couldn't be happier!

We're so excited that Rocket Punch is growing! More people are able to enjoy our content across the Southeast U.S. and the world! We started talking about what growth will look like for us as creators and as a business, and we reached one BIG conclusion.

Ads suck, and we're ready to move past them.


Ads are the primary source of revenue for most channels out there. YouTube stars, website creators, and content producers all around the world make their millions with ads. However, we think this sucks, and we want to change it.

We're turning all our attention to building the best geek and gaming community in the world. That means, we are focusing all our attention as a business on supporting our biggest fans through Patreon.

We've been on Patreon for some time now, and we've been floored by our community's willingness to support us through a small donation every month. This enables us to create exclusive content just for patrons on top of supporting our site and, in turn, our dream.

As of today, we are:

  • Removing ads across
  • Disabling ads across EVERY video on our YouTube channel
  • Focusing 100% of our effort on creating top tier gaming content
  • Upgrading our Patreon perks to make things even better for our patrons.

We're making this change because we don't believe the future of games coverage lies in ads for energy drinks and candy. We believe our future should be 100% focused on the people who listen to our content each and every day.

If you would like to help us grow, please consider becoming a patron at . You'll get exclusive rewards, and tons of behind the scene extras!

Thank you so much for your support!