SPOTLIGHT: Prey for the Gods

As the kindling fire you just lit begins to light up the dark cave you have found yourself sitting in, the warmth from its flames begin to bring life back to your near-frozen limbs. You haven't eaten since you've arrived to this place, so you decide to cook some of the wolf meat you "acquired" before entering the cave to avoid the chilling blizzard swirling outside. As you chew on your impromptu meal, you begin to stare down the dark cavern and wonder. "Why did I come to this forsaken island anyway?" The cold wind from the weather outside brushes against your back, and helps to jog your memory. "The blizzard." For as long as you can remember, it has never stopped. The arctic winds have constantly blown throughout the lands, freezing everything in its path. "There has to be a way to stop it. There must be - " A loud roar erupts from the wilderness outside and echoes within the cave, chilling you even more than the cold, winter air. As you finish your meal, you take a deep breath and grab your worn bow and the rest of your provisions. As you strap your gear back on and wrap the fur coat back around your neck, you stamp out the remaining cinders from the waning fire, and head back outside back into the cold, toward the direction of the ominous roar. Whoever is out there - whatever is out there - has the answers you seek to end this never-ending winter, and you are ready to do anything - and risk anything - to see your task through to the end. 

If the above description has you enticed, then based on its synopsis, Prey for the Gods should be of great interest to you. Prey for the Gods, according to its Kickstarter page, is an action survival game set against a chilling, frozen island backdrop. In the game, you play as a solitary hero, searching the vast, frozen wilderness to gain answers to the never-ending blizzard gripping the land. In your search for answers, you will fight against the brutal wilderness, challenging enemies, and even the gods themselves, to find the answers you seek. Check out the second official trailer from the developers, running pre-alpha footage, and see for yourself how exciting the game looks:

Announced sometime last year, the game has been relatively quiet, other than the teaser trailer shown to the public. But with the announcement of their Kickstarter page to help fund the project, the team at No Matter Studios creating the game, are looking to make their digital vision become a reality. Having completed around 25% of the game and running on their own savings since early this year, the No Matter Studios team, consisting of three people: Brian Parnell, Tim Wiese, and Hung-Chien Liao, are hoping that Kickstarter can help provide the assistance they need to allow them to make the game they have wanted to build. Check out the quick story of how they started their studio:

As of this writing, the game is sitting at 97% with about 12 days left on its Kickstarter page, so there is just a little more support needed to get the project funded. The recent announcement of adding console support with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One without reaching certain stretch goals should definitely help potential backers make an informed decision on whether they should support the game. Once they meet their goal, additional stretch goals can help add challenge modes, better animations, and new bosses to the game. As stated earlier, the game is headed to PC, and console versions on PS4 and Xbox One will follow after the PC release. 


Be sure to check out their official website here for more information on the game, as well as other videos and screenshots. Plus, don't forget to support the team at No Matter Studios on Kickstarter, so their project can get funded and they finally create the game they have wanted to make. From what I have seen from the game so far, I cannot wait to get a chance to play and take these gods down a peg or two.