The Road to E3 2016: Third Parties

                      Sabrina Teply

                      Sabrina Teply

Welcome to our Road to E3 Week here at Rocket Punch! This week, each of the members on the crew are taking some time to talk about each of the main conferences headed our way this month from our favorite game companies and developers. Each day, we are going to focus on a different company and platform, and talk about some of the games we expect to see, any hardware or software reveals we expect them to show, as well as throw some guesses out as to any surprises they may have in store for us.

As many people may know from the Rocket Punch Cast, I am a HUGE Bioware fan, and because of some games coming up, I will be taking a look at some of my thoughts and expectations for the third party conferences, which include EA, Ubisoft, and Bethesda. I don't intend to look at all of the games that would/could be announced and shown, but I definitely will check out some of the games I am ready for, and some that everyone is really looking forward to!

Be sure to check each day for a new article from each of us at Rocket Punch about a new company and platform, and make sure to tune in to our Twitch channel during E3, as we will be hosting pre- and post-shows of each conference and have live commentary during the best moments of the presentations!


We know there are a lot of rumors going around the internet of what is going to be announced from Bethesda this year at E3. Last year, they had the awesome announcement of Fallout 4 which has had multiple expansions and much success. Since the multiple DLC packs and the upcoming mod support for consoles, the game continues to grow both in content and in quality. But what else could they talk about this year?

Fallout 4

With the recent launch of Far Harbor and the previous DLCs for this massive RPG, we are hoping for a peek into the next expansion. Far Harbor opened the game to a whole new island full of Children of Atom and Synths. Hopefully we’ll get to see the wonderful Todd Howard on stage this E3, if not for Fallout 4 then for other announcements.

Skyrim Remastered

The rumors around a possible Skyrim Remastered are hard to miss. If it is announced this year that we are getting a current generation of Skyrim with better graphics and better mod support, I don’t think we could get more excited. Fallout 4 looked great, and to see Skyrim with enhanced HD graphics would be wonderful.

Wolfenstein 2

I’ve personally haven’t played a Wolfenstein game since Wolfenstein 3D which was released in 1991. I have a ton of nostalgia for this game since I wasn’t supposed to play it, but my older brothers let me anyway. It’s unclear if we will hear about another Wolfenstein game, however, since the last expansion was released in 2015, but one can only hope.


Prey 2

Not much has been heard from Prey 2 since it’s cancellation in late 2014. Rumors are circling that they’ve taken this E3 2011 trailer and recreated it as a new franchise. This year we’re hoping for a release date of this long awaited game. Possibly, they’ll take what they built and make it into an interesting new IP.


EA Play

EA will not have an actual booth on the show floor at E3 this year. Instead they’ve opted for just a show that they’re calling EA Play that will take place at Club Nokia. The event will be June 12th to the 14th and will be streamed live at the link. They will continue to have private meeting with FIFA and Battlefield publishers at the following link.

Mass Effect Andromeda

N7s back! Bioware has stated that it will show off the 4th installment of this huge role-playing game. To what end, we do not yet know. It has been pushed back to an early 2017 to our dismay. However, this pushback is due to Bioware wanting to add even more to the game. We’re hoping to get more information with storyline as well as gameplay video.

Star Wars

We know recently EA has hired 65 more people for their Montreal Motive Studio’s. They have confirmed a Star Wars: Battlefield 2 for 2017, we hope to see more information this E3. Respawn is also working on an action game based in the galaxy far, far away as well. They’ve also teased about VR Star Wars: Battlefield, which would be awesome to see with the recent push to VR.

Titanfall 2

Mechs with swords? Is there more we need to say? The teaser trailer showed us some awesome graphics. The website for Titanfall 2 let’s us know for sure that we will have some sort of announcement June 12th. We want to see more mechs with swords!

Battlefield 1

DICE has finally gone away from the modern war game and back in time to World War 1. The trailer has hit first place on YouTube's most liked trailer with 1.8 million likes and increasing daily. The trailer is absolutely stunning, a must watch for sure. We hope to see more gameplay footage and look forward to the multiplayer aspects. EA Play will have a multiplayer live stream with two 32-player teams.



Watchdogs 2

In the San Francisco Bay Area, we get to follow Marcus Holloway as a hacker that teams up with more hackers to take town criminal hackers. Ubisoft gave a nice reveal of the game on a stream this week, showing off the city of San Francisco, new combat abilities and tools, and of course, new ways to hack your environment. Dedsec plays a huge role in this game as teased in the trailer. With a release date of November 15th, 2016 announced, we shouldn't have to wait long to get our hands on this.

For Honor

We were teased with an impressive trailer at E3 2015. This new multiplayer game mixes a combination of speed, strategy and teamwork. We see Vikings, Samurai and Knights as major factions in this game. We hope for an announcement of release and more video of gameplay and content.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole

After the Stick of Truth, Trey Parker and Matt Stone continued on their epic quest to make this sweet game hoping for a cool 9.5 on GameSpot. It looks to be following Coon and friends as they fight evil. We’re hoping to see some gameplay to see how they’ve improved their combat system as well as in how many ways Kenny can die.

Eagle Flight

This new VR title will let you soar through the skies of Paris, France. Fly through the skies with up to six friends and dive into an adrenaline filled flight. An interesting new IP that will show off what VR can really do.