The Road to E3 2016: PC

                  William Ter Keurst IV

                  William Ter Keurst IV

Welcome to our Road to E3 Week here at Rocket Punch! This week, each of the members on the crew are taking some time to talk about each of the main conferences headed our way this month from our favorite game companies and developers. Each day, we are going to focus on a different company and platform, and talk about some of the games we expect to see, any hardware or software reveals we expect them to show, as well as throw some guesses out as to any surprises they may have in store for us!

If you have listened to our banter on our gaming podcast, The Rocket Punch Cast, then you probably know that I usually tend to bounce around on all of the available gaming platforms, just to make sure I don't miss out on any of the latest game releases. However, my first games were played on the Personal Computer, and my main gaming passion still rests on that platform! This year I’ll be focusing on the PC platform hardware and software, checking out some of the games that I am excited to see, some hardware talk that might happen, and any of the potential wild curve balls we always want to see drop at E3.

Be sure to check each day for a new article from each of us at Rocket Punch about a new company and platform, and make sure to tune in to our Twitch channel during E3, as we will be hosting pre- and post-shows of each conference and have live commentary during the best moments of the presentations!

The Games


From the creator of Afro Samurai and Indie developer studio The Game Bakers, comes a game that is a blend of hack and slash and twin stick shooters with a beefy ounce of boss duels. While waiting for more details, feel free to check out the three tracks available before game launch here. I heard about this game earlier this year and can’t wait to find out more about it.


Warhammer 40k: Inquisitor: Martyr

For those who are fully immersed into the Warhammer 40k Universe, strap yourselves in, because another game is on the way. We currently have no data other than the reveal trailer, but some rumors circling around claim it will be an action RPG. If the prior statement ends up being true, then I’ll need to sign up to serve the God Emperor once again.


Sid Meier’s Civilization VI

The game is set to launch in October, if everything goes according to plan. The next thing I would like to see from the development team is the game in action, to see what changes and new features they may have added. There are some refinements that have been announced, such as being able to embed support units into infantry units. Also cities will be able to span over multiple tiles to make it easier to customize. I just can’t wait to see what is in store for us with this title. 


World of Warcraft: Legion

If you have ever listened to me host our other podcast,Tank ’nSpank, then you should have figured this would be on my list of games that I need to see more of. There is a new Artifact weapon system that lets players get their hands on iconic weapons from the lore of the universe, and the return of a long thought dead character who will lead a new hero class this expansion set up to potentially dethrone Wrath of the Lich King as one of the best expansions to date for this storied franchise. All I hope is that Blizzard does what it has done in the past and listen to the feedback from the fans.



Now you may be wondering why I have a newly released game from one of my favorite developers on this list. I am loving the game, but I would love to hear about the plans for post game content or new heroes and or hero rebalancing. More than anything though, we really need more modes to help spice things up during game time. Keep it up, and may your Genji be better than their Bastion.


The Gear


AMD has announced their newest chipsets, something called GPUOpen, which essentially enables developers to have control over the GPU. With the recent announcement from NVIDIA about the GeForce GTX 1070 and 1080 graphics cards, we sorely need a response from AMD to help keep them relevant and compete. Now the reason I push for AMD to stay relevant is purely selfish. When we get two talented teams fighting for dominance, as consumers, we tend to win.



Recently NVIDIA announced the GeForce GTX 1070 and GTX 1080, running the new Pascal architecture. Promises have been made about the performance, and from the early reports most of them are true. We really need to get our hands on one sometime this year to try it out for ourselves over here at Rocket Punch. If this series of GPUs live up to the hype, then competitor AMD may be in serious trouble in the desktop graphics market.


The Unknown

Half-Life 3 confirmed??

We all want to see Valve release a part three to any of their franchises as they end up being staples of quality and have deeply impacted parts of the staff here at Rocket Punch. It may be wishful thinking, but here is one for a longshot!