13 Amazing Captain America Plot Twist memes

WARNING: Spoilers for Captain America: Steve Rogers (2016) #1 BELOW!!!!!

Recently Marvel Comics has relaunched Captain America. With Captain Rogers returning to the role of Captain America. Throughout the issue we get two stories between flashback of Steve’s childhood and current events. After they catch up to Baron Zemo, we end up with Steve taking the aircraft back, but Jack, one of the other heroes fighting alongside Captain Rogers, is thrown from the Aircraft by Captain America himself. He then looks at the prisoner of Baron Zemo and says an unexpected catchphrase:


Several fans have been upset by this plot twist, but a few are having fun with it over on imgur. Below are a few of my favorite adjustments to the meme from comic fans:

Let us know which your favorites are in the comments, and if you would like to see one of the threads that have popped up on Imgur here!

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