Overwatch gets an awesome anime intro AMV!

Numerous players of Blizzard's latest video game, Overwatch, have enjoyed the awesome animations, art, and themes that the game has brought to everyone since its release last month. This has spawned a ton of creative endeavors from fans of the game, such as fan art, cosplay, and in this particular case, a fan has created an awesome anime intro AMV for Overwatch!

Created by Youtuber inkling inkling, the anime-style intro hits all the right marks: awesome J-Pop music, show off of all the characters, action right at the height of the music, Japanese subtitles across the screen, plus many more! Many of the assets already released by Blizzard, including pictures, gameplay, and segments from the animated shorts, were cut and stitched together to an intro that any anime fan would enjoy! Check it out below:

Inkling Inking also created an awesome anime-style ending video, with specific themes and clips from the Hanzo/Genji animated short. You can check that out below also:

Both of these video are pretty cool, and really make me want Blizzard to create an animated series with these intros using their roster of Overwatch characters! These are just a few of the anime-style video for Overwatch out there, but it is definitely some of my favorites! Make sure to check out inkling inkling's Youtube page for more awesome videos, and keep coming back to Rocket Punch for more awesome geeky content!