Mass Effect: Andromeda delay confirmed by Bioware

Posted on the official Mass Effect website, Bioware released today that they would be postponing the next chapter in the Mass Effect series, Mass Effect: Andromeda, until early 2017. The reasons for delaying the game are to give Bioware the time to add some new features and mechanics to the game, such as new levels of freedom of where you can go, new factions within the Mass Effect universe that we haven't met before in the Milky Way, and pushing the Frostbite engine as far as they can to create a stunning experience for the latest consoles. As a long time supporter of these games, I can appreciate that this RPG giant is wanting to take their time and put out a good quality game, rather than push the game and patch it at some later point during it's life cycle.

Image: Bioware

There is a scheduled conference during E3 on June 12th that will provide an update on the game, so hopefully we will get to see more of Bioware's progress on the Mass Effect title.

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