Say hello to World of Warcraft's latest faction, the Frostdoge Clan!

On this beautiful dawn of April, Blizzard has introduced the latest faction to join the ranks in Azeroth, the Frostdoge Clan. Hidden among the the Frostfire Ridge, the Frostdoge Clan follows the teaching of their wise leader, the great spirit of the Doge. These descendants of the Frostwolf clan have thrown away the shackles of their primal nature, and reached enlightenment with the help of precious Chunks of Dogestone.

Such rewards, much wow!

Such rewards, much wow!

Many fantastic rewards await those heroes of Azeroth who gain the Frostdoge clan's trust. Becoming revered with the clan grants players access to amazing items like The Stoppable Force and the Slightly Worn Bracer.

Those who reach exalted with the Frostdoge clan will reap fabulous rewards such as a unique Feat of Strength, a special “wow, <name>, such title” title, and even the epic Doge mount!

We can't wait to commit our allegiance to the Frostdoge clan when it becomes available whenever it becomes available. For more Doge related goodness, follow @RocketPunchGo!