Ubisoft sets some expectations about The Division launch

Need to know when reviews and server will go up for The Division next week? Ubisoft is here to help set the ground rules straight.

Ubisoft has just released some information on their official blog about how reviews will work and when servers will go live for the release of The Division on March 8, 2016. For reviews, Ubisoft has stated that reviewers will start playing the game with everyone else, when the servers go live on March 8 at 00:01 AEDT (Australian Eastern Daylight Time), or approximately  March 7 at 05:01AM PT (Pacific Time). Also, players who purchased the digital versions of the game can start preloading soon, with Xbox One players able to start preload today, PC/Steam owners can start on Thursday, March 3 at 09:00 AM PT, and PS4 owners can start on March 6 - except for Japan, where they can start preload on March 8. For more information and other specifics, be sure to read the full blog post here.

The Division recently had great success with their open beta, hosting 6.4 million players during the period, so expect the servers to be pretty populated upon the game's release.

Image: Ubisoft

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