Xbox One and Windows 10 are becoming one and the same, and people are freaking out

Quantum Break is less than two months away, but Microsoft and Remedy still have a few surprises to share before the game launches on April 5, 2016. Alongside a new trailer, Microsoft dropped a ton of new details about Quantum Break's launch in the above video. Most notably of these announcements, was the no-so-surprising simultaneous release of Quantum Break on Windows 10 PCs.

This news left some Xbox fans pissed…

Angry fans took to Twitter to vent their frustrations about the supposed exclusive game launching on another platform. Some fans even went as far as canceling their pre-orders in light of the news. These fans are obviously angry, but I honestly can’t understand why.

Why would someone get angry that more people can enjoy a game?

It’s no secret that Microsoft wants to bridge the gap between games on Windows 10 and Xbox One. Since Phil Spencer took over as head of Xbox in March 2014, he has been fairly transparent about trying to bring the platforms closer together for gamers. New features like cross-buy for Windows 10 and Xbox One games are an obvious tell of Microsoft’s grand plan for gaming. However, some gamers feel betrayed that Quantum Break will be available to more than just Xbox One owners.

Game platform exclusivity is a sad reality for many games, but this tribalistic attitude towards games access is quickly beginning to erode the fun and excitement around new game releases.

Phil Spencer tried to address player concerns via Twitter, but some of the replies to his statements will make you want to throw your computer into an active volcano. Despite this small vocal minority, I sincerely hope that Microsoft will continue their push to bring more games to more people, regardless of platform.

Games have grown exponentially over the past 30 years. What was once a technical hobby is now one of the largest entertainment industries in the world. This evolution was possible because games became more accessible. The lower cost of consoles and a growing variety of game genres have drawn more individuals into gaming than ever before.

My hunch is that most of these vocal protesters are most likely partaking in the oldest of internet past-times, pleading for attention. However, it's very disturbing to see this attitude expressed, even in a satirical manner.

If you haven’t picked this up by now, let me go ahead and brief you for what's happening with Xbox. Phil Spencer made it pretty clear two years ago that his end game will build a bridge between powerful PCs and accessible consoles using the Xbox brand. Microsoft wants to allow more gamers access to Xbox exclusives. The console market is still the most important to Microsoft, but there is nothing wrong with letting PC players enjoy games too. More players across both platforms allow more opportunities for growth. More growth means more quality games, and that's a goal any gamer can support.