The new Powerpuff Girls theme song is very 2016

Cartoon Network has revealed the new opening for the rebooted Powerpuff Girls series set to premiere this April. The new intro features music by popular surf pop group Tacocat.

Pulling off a reboot is very tricky, especially for a show as beloved as the Powerpuff Girls. However, Cartoon Network seems to understand part of what made the Powerpuff Girls so great. The show is all about colorful fun with an amazing and diverse cast of crime-fighting girls.

The new intro does a fantastic job of channeling the warm-hearted yet radical fun that the original show presented so well. The characters are the same, but the presentation has been completely overhauled for 2016. The intro features a sticker book/scrapbook visual style, and the music from Tacocat makes these three girls all the more awesome. A shocking yet logical change shows us the classic red nose emergency phone has been updated to a cell phone.

You heard me right, the alarm phone is now a cell phone.


The new intro features several homages to the original Powerpuff Girls intro. The girls are still introduced as their respective elements, Blossom is sugar, Buttercup is spice, and Bubbles is everything nice.

We've complied a gallery of some re-imagined scenes based on the original show's intro.