Open Beta confirmed for The Division

If you missed out on The Division closed beta earlier in January, it looks like Ubisoft is giving you another chance to try it out before its' official release.


In an announcement on their blog, Ubisoft has confirmed an earlier rumor that they will be offering an open beta starting on February 18th for Xbox One players, and then for PS4/PC players on February 19th. The open beta will run until February 21st, which should give plenty of players a chance to jump in and try out the game before it releases officially on March 8th.

But what if you have already played in the closed beta? Well, Ubisoft is giving those players a little incentive to play through the upcoming open beta. Ubisoft has stated that the open beta will also include an all-new story mission that was not playable in the closed beta last month. Also, players who do participate will receive a special in-game reward for the full game when it releases.


If you wanted a chance to play The Division before launch, or are looking to jump back in, you should expect to be able to pre-load the beta starting on February 16th on your platform of choice. While you wait, you can check out the latest Youtube video below showcasing the different enemies you will run into along the ravaged streets of New York City.

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