Amazon announces its new, free game engine: Lumberyard

If you are looking or have had dreams to jump into the video game development space, then you may find some of the most useful tools and resources in an unlikely place: Amazon. 

On a blog post on their GameDev Blog, Amazon announced Lumberyard, their internally created game engine. Introduced by Eric Schenk, General Manager for Amazon Lumberyard, on the blog, Lumberyard in very enticing, as it is described as a rubust AAA-game engine for developers, features full AWS and Twitch integration in the suite, and, most importantly, it is entirely free and includes full source. Amazon also discusses their new cloud service, Amazon Gamelift, which provides "a managed service for deploying, operating, and scaling session-based multiplayer games".


For would-be game developers, this could be a huge opportunity for them, as the Lumberyard suite could provide users with impressive tools to build their own games, provide integration to Twitch and Amazon's cloud services to allow for additional functionality for those games, and also prevents developers form being potentially locked in to payments and contracts with Amazon over the use of the suite.

For more information about Lumberyard, Gamelift, and some of the opportunities they can offer to jump start your game development plans, check out the link here. You can also download the Lumberyard suite, located here. Amazon Lumberyard is available today in beta, for PC and console game developers. They have also stated that Mobile and VR platforms are coming soon.


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