Enter The Void: The VR arcade of your dreams

With the advent of VR fast approaching with the incoming releases of the Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, and others, people have come out asking multiple questions about its' viability in the gaming and entertainment space. But one Utah-based startup company looks to be taking it to an entirely new level with a new project they are creating called: The Void.

Image: unknownmale.com

The Void is a virtual reality them park concept, creating a multiplayer VR experience for groups of up to six to eight players. Using VR and some instances of 4D technology, including elevation changes, touching structures, feeling vibrations, air pressure, temperature, moisture, etc, players are instantly transported to new worlds through customized VR headsets, gloves and vests that will allow players to interact with their environment. Using an up to 60' by 60' stage area at a Void Entertainment Center with modular wall configurations to allow for each experience to be tailored and customized, software can allow players to navigate and interact with the environment in many different ways. Once completed and tested thoroughly, the centers promise exciting worlds including haunted castles, dinosaur safaris, and futuristic battlefields. there will even be settings for cooperative or competitive modes for attendees, with even the capability of connecting to other centers for larger multiplayer scenarios. 

Currently, The Void center is located in Pleasant Grove, Utah, with reservations for beta testing available for summer of this year. The website is located here, which has a lot more information about this ambitious project. If you are located near there, I would definitely go and see if you can check this awesome concept out when it is available to the public.