Pickup the original DOOM and DOOM 2 when you preorder DOOM for Xbox One

MIcrosoft has a very nice surprise for players looking to preorder DOOM for Xbox One. 

Image: Bethesda

If you preoder DOOM for Xbox One on the Xbox Marketplace, players will be given the original DOOM and DOOM 2 at no charge. this surprise is courtesy of the backwards-compatibility feature of the Xbox One, which will allow players to relive the original games on their current gen console. 

"Players get the original DOOM and DOOM 2 for free"

Players who preorder the game will also be given access to the Demon Multiplayer Pack, which will contain new Demon-themed armor sets, hack modules, id patterns, and paint colors to use on your weapons and gear when playing the game.

Image: Bethesda

How do you feel about this offer? Will this make you preorder DOOM? Are you looking to play the game when it releases on May 13th? Let us know in the comments, and stay tuned to Rocket Punch to get the info you need to fight back the demon hordes!