Macho Man makes a comeback... but not in the way you expected

Seriously, no one expected him to end up here...

From an article on IGN, if for some reason, you were missing some Macho Man Randy Savage in your Fallout 4 experience, the internet has you covered. Created by AronaxAE, based on a Skyrim mode by FancyPants, the "Macho Claws" mod changes every Deathclaw in the game into a 10 foot tall, claw wielding, neon hat wearing death machine. Not only do they look like the Macho Man, but they also shout out excellent quotes from the man, including his signature "OHHH YEAAHH!" and comments comparing your character to a "prima donna". If you are playing Fallout 4 on PC (at least until consoles get mod support), then this may definitely be mod to pickup.

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