Check out this Ballistic Mandalorian Armor

It looks like that galaxy far, far away is coming a little closer to our reality.

Posted on The Firearm Blog, this incredible Mandalorian armor was originally designed by Ryan B. Flowers of Galac-Tac. Ryan has, in the past, created Boba Fett-inspired armor for cosplay purposes on his website, which has become very popular around the internet. Some pictures of his cosplay pieces are below:

Now, Ryan has been given the opportunity to collaborate with SurefireSOG Knives & Tools, AR500 Armor, Team Wendy , Armasight, Inc., Wilcox Industries Corp., and TEA Headsets to create a version of his Boba Fett armor that is completely ballistic. Check out the pictures below:

The incredible detail is brilliant and brings the armor into our century, but it can't be denied that the Mandalorian inspiration is alive and well. Bravo to Ryan for the detail and work that went into getting this tactical Mandalorian armor fully flashed out. Boba Fett would be proud!

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