Where is Xur? January 15th, 2016

Welcome to "Where is Xur?"! In this weekly series, we will keep all our Guardians of the Last City up to date on where Xur is located, and more importantly, what he has in stock to sell inorder to keep us in the fight to protect the Traveler and bring Light back to the universe! Let's get to business!

This week we find Xur loitering near the entrance of the Hanger, just to the right once you see the ships coming in to land. Here's what he brought to sell us:


Plasma Drive

Stealth Drive 

Heavy Ammo Synthesis (x3) 

Three of Coins (x5) 

Glass Needles (x3)


Titan: Ruin Wings

Defense - 280

Intellect - 42

Discipline - 40


Hunter: Celestial Nighthawk

Defense - 280

Intellect - 72



Warlock: The Impossible Machines

Defense - 280

Discipline - 41

Strength - 43

Exotic Engram: Helmet




Legacy Engram: Primary Weapon




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