This Star Destroyer Holds a Wonderful Secret

You may look at this replica Star Destroyer and assume it is just another (awesome) static showpiece to show your friends, but if so, then you may be mistaken about a great, many things.


In an article posted on Kotaku, it turns out that this Venator-class Star Destroyer replica is also a fully functional, modded case for a gaming PC. Created by Sander van der Velden, this impressive PC hides the PC components extremely well, using the components as the engines of the ship, as well as other parts of the vessel. While most of the parts for the case were created using a 3D printer, the frame was machined from aluminium.

The gallery below shows a few shots of the piece, but definitely check out the build log that shows a more in-depth view of the project, including behind-the-scenes work on its construction.

This looks like an expertly crafted PC case, and it should make other PC modders very jealous.

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