May the Force be with....these awesome fan-created Star Wars videos

With the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens in theaters this past Friday, what would be better than revisiting some old Star Wars memories from videos past?

To celebrate the return of Star Wars, we wanted to remind everyone of some great content on the internet paying homage (or humor) to the Star Wars universe. Check some of the videos out below:

What could make Patton Oswalt's "filibuster" from Parks and Recreation about theories on the new Star Wars movie better? If someone animated the entire thing:

This is a very true-to-form rendition on How it would look if the TV show COPS was run by Stormtroopers on Tatooine:

Everyone loves a Bad Lip Reading, but seeing it from a galaxy far, far away seems to make it even more hilarious:

This might be a gym some of us could get into....or maybe not:

Likely one of the classics on the list, it looks like Star Wars is pretty awesome when you add a "fat beat":

What other Star Wars themed fan content is out there? Did we miss any other great videos? Tweet us at @RocketPunchGo to let us know, and may the force be with you!