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Rocket Punch LIve

The lights! The camera! The action! We aren't talking about movies! We're talking about streaming! Everyone seems to be into this whole "playing games and provide color commentary while other people watch" movement, so why shouldn't we be in on this? Rocket Punch LIVE is our live streaming initiative to bring awesome gaming sessions to awesome viewers.

Each week, the crew fires up their capture cards, set their graphics to ULTRA, plug in the stream key, and play games live for millions of viewers available on Twitch. The crew picks a game from the library (sometimes one they want to try out, sometimes a new and upcoming game), and just sits back and enjoys the ride with other viewer interacting in the comments. There are even rumors that they may bring in viewers to play along with them! IF you need some quality entertainment to watch each week, you couldn't do any better than Rocket Punch LIVE! 

Streams 2x a week between Tuesday - Friday!
Check our Events schedule on Twitch to see when we go LIVE!


Past streams