Star Wars: Battle of Rocket City

WELCOME BACK to the next installment in our Rocket Punch Creator Spotlight series! This week, we could not hold in our excitement to have the opportunity to chat with Jeffrey Parker and Zac King, two members of the cast and crew filming the Star Wars fan film, Star Wars: Battle of Rocket City, right here in Huntsville, Alabama! Once hearing about the Star Wars Fan Film Awards coming up within the next few months, Jeffrey worked hard to bring together a brilliant cast and crew to make this fan film set within the Star Wars universe a reality, and with submissions coming up soon, Jeffrey and his team are working tirelessly to create an excellent, memorable film that fans around the Southeast, and the world, will surely enjoy! We were so thrilled to get the chance to sit down with them and talk to them about the creation of this film, the challenges they faced, and some of the lessons they have learned during this experience!

If you would like to read the transcription of the interview, or listen to Jeffrey and Zac as special guests on this week's episode of The Rocket Punch Cast, click the labeled button below. You can also check out more info on Star Wars: Battle of Rocket City on Facebook.