Pints & Pixels

GREETINGS, and welcome back to our next story in our Rocket Punch Creator Spotlight series! This week, we were super excited to sit down and have a chat with Richard Moss, the owner of a new local restaurant/bar/arcade hybrid, located within downtown Huntsville, Alabama, called Pints and Pixels! After looking at cool, nerdy places that other cities around the country had, Richard took matters into his own hands, and with the help of some talented and knowledgeable people, including an awesome locally owned restaurant, Richard has opened up the first, and one of the coolest, restaurant and arcade spaces in downtown Huntsville. Richard is incredibly ecstatic to open his business to the people, and we were just as thrilled to get the chance and talk with him about how he decided on this concept, the challenges with bringing it together, and what his plans are for the future of Pints and Pixels!

If you would like to read the transcription of the interview with Richard, click the labeled button below. You can also check out more info on Pints and Pixels on Facebook or on their website.