Weird Giraffe Games w/ Carla & Nick Kopp

Wait no more listeners, because a new episode for Creator Spotlight is here! This time, board games are making a full swing, as the Rocket Punch crew get to sit and chat with Carla and Nick Kopp, the creators for the popular up-and-coming board game company, Weird Giraffe Games! Carla and Nick swing by to discuss how they found a passion for creating board games and starting Weird Giraffe Games while on a road trip, the intricacies of their board game design process (which could be useful for any game designer), their experience getting more and more familiar with the Kickstarter platform, and the work that goes into iterating again and again on a project to make something one can be proud of. Even from the start, when they were told that "making board games is so easy to do", they both knew that it would be nothing but, and they still continue to stay up late figuring out their next big idea for a breakout board game. Come listen to how they got their start, hear TONS of details about their latest project, Stellar Leap (and learn where you can support it on Kickstarter), where they want to head to in the future with Weird Giraffe Games, and more! 

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Weird giraffe games


Creators: Carla and Nick Kopp
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Stellar Leap


Ages 14+
1-4 Players (~20 mins/player)

Stellar Leap is a strategic space exploration game for 1-4 players in 40-80 min with variable player powers, hidden objectives, and game-changing events! Earn prestige by completing missions, discovering new planets, increasing population, and fulfilling your hidden objective. Variable player powers and game-changing events mean that every game is as different as the planets in our galaxy!

***The Kickstarter is LIVE now, so be sure to go support them and check the game out! 

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Super Hack Override


Ages 8+
2-6 Players (~10-20 mins/player)

Super Hack Override is a fast-paced card swapping game for 2-6 players where you outsmart your opponents, 90s hacker-movie style. The game consists of 25 cards that comprise 11 different hacks, each of whom provide either protection, the power to proxy swap, or are government facilities.

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Observance is a game of astronomy and star gazing! You're a junior astronomer and your goal is to observe the stars, identify what they are, and publish your data. The more constellations you identify, the better you get at different aspects of being an astronomer. The night sky is vast, but you'll learn to do your best with the time you have.

Observance is planned to hit Kickstarter in early 2018!