Winter Robin Cosplay w/ Danielle Craft

It has been a long time coming, but a new episode of Creator Spotlight returns! This time, we get to sit and chat with someone that the Rocket Punch crew has been wanting to talk with for a while now: a cosplayer! In particular, we sit down with Danielle Craft of The Winter Robin Cosplay to talk about the exciting and increasingly popular activity of cosplay! In this episode, Danielle talks with us about how she was brought into the cosplay world, the work that she must put into to execute on each of her costumes everyday, and how sometimes, you just have to dress up and have fun with your friends, and forget about others that may look to criticize you. Plus, we bounce back and forth with her on the specific topic of the state of cosplay in the world today, and what that means to her personally, as well as what difficulties she (and others) have had to overcome to pursue the activity they enjoy. If you are looking to cosplay, or are already deep in the activity, then you should definitely listen in to this fun, yet thought-provoking episode! 

The Winter robin cosplay


Cosplayer: Danielle Craft


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Facebook: @snowbirdcosplay