Red Crow Comics w/ Julian Jay Burton

For all of the geeky content and great projects we have talked about on Creator Spotlight, we have yet to talk to a comic creator and publisher. Until now! Aspiring comic creators out there should take notice of this week's episode, as we sit down with Julian Jay Burton, the CEO of local comic publisher, Red Crow Comics! Many writers and artists out there may be trying to figure out how to break into the comic world and work with powerhouses like Marvel and DC Comics, but for Jay, he decided to take the road less traveled, and started his own publishing company to create the stories and heroes he wanted to share with the world. It has (and still is) been a hard road to travel, but Jay and his team have done an impressive job building Red Crow Comics and releasing their first creations to the public! Join us today, as we sit and talk with Jay about starting his own comic publisher, his challenges in getting started, and finally realizing his creations on print for the first time! 

Red Crow Comics


Founder: Julian Jay Burton
Comics: Salta; Bermuda City
Video: Bermuda City (web series); Dormant (movie)