Rocket City Quidditch Club w/ Jared Leggett

Our next Creator Spotlight is a fun one, as this week we pull a very special sport from the pages of Harry Potter, and bring it into the real world! Harry Potter fans should be pretty excited, as we chat with Jared Leggett about the local Quidditch team (you read that right) starting up in Huntsville, AL, The Rocket City Quidditch Club! You may be wondering how the game of Quidditch could somehow work outside of the pages of your favorite J.K. Rowling book series (believe me, I was wondering the same thing), and we asked Jared to drop by and talk to us about how exactly Quidditch works out in the field, his experiences playing this crazy and intriguing sport, and also his plans and drive to bring a Quidditch team to Huntsville. Bring out your beaters and get ready to listen to one of the wildest sports available for you to play (as long as you can stay on the broom!)



Team Captain: Jared Leggett
Practice: Saturdays @ 12PM - Brahan Springs Park


Twitter: @RocketCityQC