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Everyone has a passion inside of them, but it can seem daunting to bring that passion into reality. Where does one start to get ideas and become inspired? Well, Creator Spotlight may not have ALL the answers, bit it's a great place to start! Creator Spotlight is a podcast dedicated to helping people get inspired to create their own projects in the geek and gaming space.

Each episode, the Rocket Punch crew sits down with a creator and talks about their trade, the trial and tribulations they went through to get where they are, and advice they could pass on to others to get them motivated in their own work. The crew work hard to bring different talent from all corners of the geek and gaming realm to talk about their experience on the show, and hopefully help others who may be hesitant to start their own project. If you are looking for insightful conversations about creating your passion, then your're in the right spot! 

New episodes announced and released on Fridays as recorded!
Bonus Sessions for Patreon Subscribers released along with each episode!


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